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How to Prepare Your Company for the Video Production Process

You know you need high quality video. Everyone’s on board; you have some great ideas; you’re ready to go! Go… Where? How? When? How fast? You’re ready, but you need more information on the video production process so you’re comfortable and confident going forward. Understood.


Not every video company follows the same stages of film production. In fact, AGP prides itself on diverging from the corporate mold and delivering a video product that is different. Prepare yourself; it’s going to be a fun ride!


Are You Ready to Hire a Video Production Company?


You’re ready to create video content — but are you ready to engage with a partner? You’ve done your research. You know what video production will cost, how long it will take, and who is responsible for what. You know what your video campaign needs to succeed. And you know that, given the tsunami of content out there, you need to startle your audience into paying attention.


What you don’t know is how.  Great. You’re almost ready.


If you want to move beyond typical corporate videos, you need to take one more step. Trust in the creative process. Trust us. We don’t know where the story will take us — we do know that, if we let it and are open to new ideas, that it will take your business into new territory. You’ll be able to connect with your target audience on an emotional level and compel them to action.


Willing to take a strategic risk and let your story unfold organically, authentically, and professionally? Now you’re ready to launch your video production initiative.

Preparing for the Video Production Process


Choosing the right video production company alleviates much of the stress, and they’ll do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the creative and technical sides of your project. Take the next steps to ensure that your experience is as streamlined and smooth as possible:


  • Prepare Your Ideas. Take an unflinching look at your business. What makes you different and special? Which stories illustrate your values and vision? Which show the heart and soul of your company? What do you want people to know about you — and what do you want them to feel?  Generate some ideas with your team while remaining flexible and open to new directions.
  • Prepare Your People. Consumers respond to authenticity; brands that are real and organic manage to penetrate the media noise and reach them. Featuring employees, executives/leaders, and customers is key to a successful video. So is preparing them to be on film — especially if they’re suffering from a case of the nervesAssure them (and yourself) that this is just a conversation. We’re filming it, but the important part is that they’re talking about what they know and what they’re passionate about.
  • Prepare Your Space. If you will be filming at your location — whether an office, a factory, a city street, or onsite at your new construction project — consult with your video production partner to prep the space. You may need permissions/licenses to shoot (which they will take care of); beyond that, you want to make sure that your location helps tell your story with impact.
  • Prepare for the Next Steps. Your professional video has been shot, edited, and polished during post-production. You put it up on your homepage, upload it to social media, and celebrate your success. Not so fast.  Leveraging your content assets across platforms and within different initiatives allows you to see more meaningful returns on your video marketing investment. It’s not just withering away on your website. It’s working as hard, and as smart, for your business as possible. 
    Check out our helpful Mind of AGP blog: “After ‘It’s a Wrap’: 5 Ways to Maximize the Impact of Your Business Videos” for ideas.

Ingrained in AGP’s video production services is the experience, ability, and eagerness to walk with you throughout each of these steps. From preparation and production to promotion, we are here to help you tell your business’s story — differently.

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