Adam Grubb Productions

We Wish We Could

We really do wish it was that easy. You hit a button on our site and magically a downloadable PDF appears in a new window with all of our pricing.

We would love to throw some prices out there all willy-nilly but our CFO told us we couldn’t do that anymore. We need to have a conversation with your team about your goals, strategy and other buzzwords. Then we will put together a scope of work and discuss internally what we think we need to tell your story differently.

The cool thing is we all understand you have a budget and we will do all we can to give you a video story that you are proud of and 10% less than your budget. You can spend the savings on the Holiday party.

What’s Your Story?

All stories are very different and could include a crew of 9 for a week and staying at the Ritz downtown.

Or just Ted and a camera.