Adam Grubb Productions
What We Do

Complete Production and Strategy

A one of a kind creative video strategy, production, and management of your content on a monthly basis to ensure top engagement and action. We customize your strategy depending on company needs and it is focused solely on continuous video production and building a highly engaged audience for your brand and products. Our team works hand in hand with your marketing and sales teams to produce everything from simple social stories to videos supporting campaigns or programs. We are here for those that are ready to take their video marketing to the NEXT level.

Corporate Storytelling

Something overlooked in typical business video is spotlights on employees, customers, or services told in way that connects emotionally. Our team of creatives and producers work with your teams to ensure that the most powerful stories of your customers, brand, and company are told in the most unique an effective way possible.

Social Video

 Branded social content is necessary for engagement, growth, and brand presence. We present an exclusive monthly social video package available to fit all budgets and production styles to connect with your audience on the platforms they use most. Our team will build out content specific to Instagram TV, Facebook, or YouTube as well as manage the platforms on a daily basis.

Customer Stories

Stories produced around your customers showcasing how your product or service makes their life better. This is not a traditional testimonial but rather an inside look at your customer’s problem and how your product/service solves it and what their life looks like afterward.

Corporate Films

Our award-winning corporate film division brings you a very different kind of “company video”. This is a 2-3 minute “mini-movie” that shows the impact and emotional connection of your brand and replaces the boring corporate overview video your competitors are using on their website and catapults you into a new realm of video storytelling.


Built for customer training, how-to’s, best practices, and internal education, this platform is not just a point and shoot production. Our team gets involved in scripting and producing effective and informative training videos that are enjoyable to watch as well as build out platforms for total employee engagement and tracking.

The Corporate Storytellers of Adam Grubb Productions


Adam Grubb

President/Creative Director

“Some production companies are just that…production. The most exciting difference we bring to the market is our ability to build an awesome video strategy and then create incredible stories that work in so many different formats and executions.”

Fred pic

Ed Plamindun

Director of Photography

“I think what is the most fun for me is when we are on set and the client gets to see the characters or vision from the script, literally come to life before their eyes. We attack each project and client differently, so for me, the exciting part is to get a creative brief and script and see what incredible story we are going to tell next.”

Tag Photo

Thad Vusmer

Corporate Film Director

“Corporate filmmaking is relatively new to most market segments and AGP is one of the first to bring it to the B2B space. It’s a different approach for sure but it is exactly what has been missing from that space all along.  We take a product and service and make it an experience, an emotional connection, or ensure you look at it differently than ever before.”

Terry photo

Garry Grasmer

Executive Producer

“AGP refuses to play by the rules.  Not to the detriment of the final product, but to the success.  What Adam and the team create is not what you expect and that makes it moving and “sticky”.  The media thrown at us almost every waking moment is deafening, and you need to cut through that.  AGP’s creative dissonance does just that.  It works.”

In The Words Of Our Customer